Objects of Socity
  • To acquire property for the sole use for public good by making it available for public purposes as for example, housing a library, clinic, crèche and / or as a community hall to be available for public use as training classes, seminars, discussions and other public functions for benefit of the community in general.

     To Construct a home and to issue ration to the poor people.

Welcome To Help The Needy
Help the needy has its base from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, covers  number of Villages. Which renders its service, To help the people who are in Need, Mr. Swami Naidu along with his team, having great perseverance and patience towards achieving their team’s aim to start a organization in Visakhapatnam  of Andhra Pradesh.
How We Help

To achieve the above said object the society will undertake the following activities

To provide more vocational trades and seats in vocational training services.
Its plan to start sheltered workshop to provide employment for mentally challenged.
To provide ration cards for house hold items at there door point at free of cost.
To mobilize people to get encouragement to provide supported employment to mentally challenged.
To rehabilitate more mentally challenged as possible.
To provide help in education, employment, financial help to start own business etc.
To mobilize a permanent home to the old aged poor people or physically handicappied children

To provide food clothing and medicines or money for purchase of medicines and medical treatment for Poor and needy people.
To start educational institutions, Coaching Centers, tuitions centers to offer free education or education at concessional price and also to give scholarships or money for  pursuing education.
To start clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, old age homes etc., to provide medical care at free of cost or at concessional rates to needy persons.
To help the disabled persons those who are in need as dissensions taken by the body.
To help the missing poor persons those who are in need To do all that is necessary incidental and ancillary for the above objects of the society.